Just Fine

by The Ill Motion

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"Just Fine" was recorded at Duke City Sound by Jonathan Anderson in April of 2016. "Just Fine" was mastered by TJ Lipple. Artwork by Heather Kelly//Sick Pleasure.

Thank you to everyone who has stuck around, is still listening, and is still stoked.


released July 8, 2016

Luke- Guitar and Vocals
Kyle- Guitar and Vocals
Logan- Bass and Vocals
Aaron- Drums



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The Ill Motion Albuquerque

Albuquerque, NM

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Track Name: December Low
A Winter storm warning gets played on the news
Stock up your supplies of blankets and booze
Everything is grey and I feel like I’m dead
But it’s hard to remember that it’s all in my head

I’d hate to blame my mood on the weather
I lose control and accidentally
Mentally I’m in a penitentiary

The Seasons Keep Changing
Spring, summer, autumn I’m good without a doubt
But There’s No Explaining
Why the snow and the cold have been known to bum me out

When the snow starts falling yeah so do my spirits
My heart beats slow but it’s so loud you can hear it
Joy at any cost, I’ll try any trick
I don’t want to call a doctor but maybe I’m sick

I know it’s coming but I don’t know the reasons
Why am I affected by the changing of seasons
Wrap my hand around a bottle of Jameson
Take another drink fight off the depression
Track Name: freebirdchampionofthecommonman
You never really felt like this was your home,
And after all these years we still sit alone,
And talk about how everything's hopeless.
It doesn't seem so bad when you're out with you're friends, talkin' about the things that you wished that you did, now it all seems hopeless.
But you've gotta remember that it's a brand new day, put on you're favorite records and drift away, go back to a place that you can call your own, forget everything that you used to know.
All these long nights used to wear me down, burning midnight oil even when no one is around
Nothing is hopeless, we don't have to plan our whole lives right now, let's celebrate the little things we get through somehow, nothing is hopeless.
Track Name: Step One
Shit's fucked and you really can't change that
When you're living in your parent's basement
Watching news on your mom's TV
Goin on and on and on and on

So you rush to the Internet you
Know you gotta lotta friends who
Need to know what you have to say
Goin on and on and on and on

But don't stop there
you're not quite done
In fact you're still
Stuck at step one
Don't talk
Cause talk is cheap
What really matters is
The action to which you leap

So you're pissed at the last generation
And the state in which they left the nation
Talk about being different
Please go on and on and on and on

So you say that your gonna be famous
That you're gonna be the one to change us
Gonna make a difference
Keep goin on and on and on and on
Track Name: C.K.P.M.D.
I’ve lost track of time since then,
Retraced my steps don’t know where to begin,
Pick it all up, throw it all away,
Because nothing ever seems to stay.
We were kids we didn’t care,
we had dreams and we weren’t scared
we would love we would fight
we knew everything was alright
I hate the feeling that I get when I’m all alone,
I wish you could just be with me and
Get off the goddamn phone.
This is the last time I drive all night for you
This is the last time I care about what you do
And for the first time I’m gonna work on me,
and try to find myself a little bit of peace.
Track Name: Pabst Bed Ridden
I wanna catch a cold
So I won’t feel like such a slob
when I lie in bed all day
and watch TV

Mom acts like I’m worthless
but I don’t think I deserve this
I just want to spend some time
with me!

need to catch up on my sleep
and I
need to work on my routine

I wanna lose my job
so I can catch up on my sleep
because I work all night
I never go to bed

Money’s just a number
but my bank account’s a bummer
I just wanna spend some time
in my own head!
Track Name: Two Drinks Past Last Call
I just want some sleep
But the whiskey that I drink
Keeps me up all night
Thinking about you

Another whiskey down
Buy me another round
I can't go to bed
If you're stuck in my head
I know that I'll regret
But I'm drinking to forget
The nights that you've been gone
So many nights alone
Track Name: This Must Be Thursday
I’ve never been so uneasy, captivated, and misleading,
My heart raced and then it stopped.
With her shy smile and a subtle nod
I never felt more alive in my whole life,
And I hope I don’t have to say goodbye,
I stumbled into the clear and starry night
It was nice just to have you by my side.
I stared up at my ceiling
counting the seconds barely breathing
I felt your legs wrap around mine,
and in that moment everything aligned.
Track Name: Someday
She finished all her education
but she still couldn’t find an occupation

She said this place has nothing left for me,
I’m taking my girlfriend, headed to the sea

And the girl who hates her family
said “the snow and the mountains are calling me”

I don’t know where my feet’ll land
but I’ll send you a postcard when I find my home

Someday, maybe,
I’ll be livin lazy
No One Knows My Name
I’m as good as gone
I’m leavin home
If you were me then
you’d be doin the same

My friend who thinks his life’s in fragments
Said “I gotta leave,” afraid of getting stagnant

The one thing I’ll miss when I’m in the city
are the pink sunsets that are oh so pretty at home
Track Name: Parting of the Ways
I’m sick to my stomach, livers bleeding away
This cold night air never felt so great
The soft city lights never seem to fade away
My skin keeps on crawling, what did I do today?
“not a thing..” I answer under my breath
have another drink play it close to my chest
you’ll stare me down, I know I look like death
but the night is young, I’m not on my way out yet
I never used to feel this way, a sad sorry sap just waiting to decay
I never used to feel this way, a sad sorry sap just waiting to decay
I never thought I’d go out like this.
The devils are in the walls and it seems, they’re gonna stay
Eyes are dried up color fades to grey,
I haven’t learned my lesson,
my head keeps drifting away
Down to the place where I used to feel okay
Now I’m sick to my stomach, livers bleeding away
This cold night air never felt so great
The soft city lights never seem to fade away
My skin keeps on crawling, what did I do today?
Track Name: 12.19.15
If I could ever feel your lips run soft along mine where would they take me? Before it all fell apart, I've been a corpse for days
I woke, and Autumn had passed me by.
I never thought that I would be alone
now these nights I sit and think about how we changed.
And I gotta stop going back to where it all started because my head can't take it and my heart can't stop it.
My hands are tied I'll never be the same.
These days pass by like strangers, old memories they still linger. These words are empty and fading I won't be sitting here waiting.
I've got this sinking feeling, I'm having trouble breathing.